New PlaySets Game In Pre-Production!

So what do you mean by pre-production?
Well I'm in the planning, testing, idea gathering and prototyping stage before actually putting together the new PlaySets game!

Ive basically been doing bits here and there since the last update of the current PlaySets game, but after working on a number of other projects based around HTML5 I feel I'm ready to move forward and get more done on this new platform.


What is all this I hear about HTML5?

HTML 5 basically means the game will be playable on any modern device that has an up to date browser, but along with the new software I'm using - Construct 2 - I'm learning new features that I never even thought about when using the flash platform, that is being used less and less and in future might not even run in browsers at all.


What are the new features?

I'm still testing and playing with new ideas at the moment and I hope to update this page while I work on the game to give you more specific ideas, but one thing I really want to get working is the idea of different modes


My idea is that 'Story Mode' will let you use the PlaySets how most of you already currently are, to move the characters around, and tell stories in video / screen shots.. Then there would be 'Edit Mode' which would let you edit the backgrounds, layout items and decorate the scenes much like you could do in the Make-A-Scene / Doll House games. The idea of having distinct 'Modes' would mean when moving characters for telling stories you aren't accidentally moving background pieces (such as table settngs / shelf displays etc ).



Props can now feel more 'realistic' in that they can be placed in the world (with edit mode) and then when a character is moved over to them, they'd be able to 'pick them up' / removing it from the scene and putting it in their hands meaning they can carry it around and even drop it somewhere else for another character to take.



More NEW PlaySets News, Updates and even Demos will follow, so keep checking back!