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  • Appa is a giddy and cute Girl Pomeranian pup who is very playful and adventurous - and loves a good nap afterwards.

  • She used to be a show dog, but even though she won awards she didn't enjoy being judged, prodded and poked and much prefers doing her own doggy thing away from shows.

  • Giddy
  • Loving
  • Silly

  • Chewing Toys
    (hers or the cats)
  • Chasing Things
    (or the cats)
  • Naps
    (sometimes in the cat's bed!)
Pet Peeves

  • Being surrounded
  • Dog Shows
  • Being left alone for too long

  • Appa is based on our own real life pomeranian pup and you can follow her adventures on instagram! - @appa_pompom

  • She is named after the flying bison character from the TV show Avatar: the last air bender
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