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  • Debby, Deb or Debra - she's a girlie zebra. This style conscious zebra decided to give her self a couple of unique stripes to stand out from the herd.


  • Impulsive
  • Sassy
  • Funny


  • Being Noticed
  • Red Apples
  • Dancing

  • Debra ApplesDebra Laugh

Pet Peves

  • Style Faux-pas
  • Flip Flops
  • When someone replies to a text with "K" (even more so when it shows the dots for ages)
  • Debra was first seen (without her trade mark stripes) unnamed in the Jungle Make-A-Scene game

  • She is named Debra to rhyme with the UK pronunciation of Zebra (pronounced like Zeb-ra rather than the American Zee-bra)
Debra Fan Art
-Coming Soon-
Submit your own fan art below so it can be featured in the up coming gallery!
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Latest Messages
Debra: 16 July 2019

So glad I got my uniform in the 'Back To School' PlaySets game!

Debra School Uniform

Jinx and Minx have got theirs too and look super cute go check it out here!

Dex: 7 July 2019

Oh I'm working with JMKit on a new brick breaking style game -you can play the demo now, check it out..

JMKit Arcade Demos

It involves melons so how could I say no


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