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Updates Games Characters Chat Dens Forums

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JMKit Characters
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Jasper and Lo
  • Jasper is a simple yet curious kitty and loves attention

  • Lo is older than jasper and therefore (in her mind) wiser, always there to be the voice of reason - whether Jasper wants to listen or not!

  • Jasper is the Ginger (orange with stripes) boy cat and Lo is the calico (multicoloured) girl cat.
    Jasper is..

  • Smart
  • Innovative
  • Strong Willed

  • Lo is..

  • Spirited
  • Thoughtful
  • Logical

  • Jasper enjoys naps in front of an open fire
    (Lo likes naps anywhere)
  • Both enjoy 'behind the ear' scratches
  • Play fights
Pet Peeves

  • Lo doesn't like getting dirty (Jasper doesn't mind so much)
  • Cheap cat biscuits
  • Snow

  • Jasper and Lo are based on our real pet cats and many of their comics are based on real life events.

  • Lo's full name is Lola
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