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JMKit Characters
JinxBunny MinxBunny Bagle Pepper & Pixie Molly Tumble Missel Jasper & Lola Trott Flake Bleu Lil Debra Dex Chloe Boo Lumi Lumi
  • Jinx is a friendly plush bunny rabbit with one missing eye and no tail!

  • He was first found along with Minx Bunny as the last pair of a new toy range called Bunny Buddies, they were left sitting damaged on a shelf until someone like you took them into their heart.

  • He always tries to be helpful (even though he can sometimes be a little clumsy) and he's always trying his best to impress Minx and catch her eye.

  • Loyal
  • Adventurous
  • Silly

  • Vegan Pizza (with Mushroom)
  • Video Games
  • Rock Music
Pet Peeves

  • Can't stand bullies
  • Everything about celery

  • Being talked over

  • Jinx was the first ever JMKit character!

  • The name JMKit comes from Jinx and Minx's name 'JM' with 'Kit' being another word for a baby rabbit - and the site came to be because of the characters and so JMKit was born!
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