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Updates Games Characters Chat Dens Forums

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JMKit Characters
JinxBunny MinxBunny Bagle Pepper & Pixie Molly Tumble Missel Jasper & Lola Trott Flake Bleu Lil Debra Dex Chloe Boo Lumi Lumi
Pepper & Pixie
  • Pepper and Pixie are brother and sister, they are always found together. Pepper feels responsible for his sister and wants to look out for her.

  • Pepper is the black boy cat and Pixie is the white girl cat.
    Pepper is..

  • Wary
  • Protective
  • Generous

  • Pixie is..

  • Affectionate
  • Innocent
  • Sensitive

  • Playing hide and seek together
  • Tree climbing
  • Boxes
Pet Peeves

  • Thunder storms
  • Being separated
  • Finding bones in their fish & chips
    (Pepper likes the chips)

  • Pepper and Pixie were the first JMKit cats and are loosely based on our previous real world cats Leela and Salem.
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