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About This Game

JMKit PlaySets My House Makeover is a digital doll house where you can decorate your own house and create your own stories with a collection of cute and cool characters!

Ever thought 'I want to design my own house' well now you can design your house your way in the launch PlaySets game!

The house is only the begining! Check back to JMKit regularly for updates to this game, and to see the expanding PlaySets World!

Quick Fix, Update 1.2_1
1: Some performance tweaks that will hopefully speed up the game for some users.

2: The selecting of draggables should now work as expected

Quick Fix, Update 1.1:
1: Layer buttons have been reomved for characters as it was kind of confusing and also lead to more bugs than features, now it defaults to auto layers meaning if a character looks like they should go behdind something, they will!

2: Mute button has been added (to mute the rain and other eound effects when you don't want them) and other UI buttons have been moved around slightly

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