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JMKit PlaySets: My Home Makeover
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About This Game

JMKit PlaySets My House Makeover is a digital doll house where you can decorate your own house and create your own stories with a collection of cute and cool characters!

Ever thought 'I want to design my own house' well now you can design your house your way in the launch PlaySets game!

The house is only the begining! Check back to JMKit regularly for updates to this game, and to see the expanding PlaySets World!

Release 1.3:
Fan art gallery updated!

Release 1.2:
Fan art gallery updated and filter bug in garden fixed

Release 1.1:
Slight performance fix, and images added to the frames gallery. Also check out what appears when it rains in the day time!

Release 1.0 Updates:
1:You can now save the game and start directly from that loaded game next time you play!
2: removed tv in dining room for now as two tv's with custom images would cause an image overflow bug

Tags: JMKit New PlaySets, Clinx, Gardening. Decoration, Custom Home Plans, House Building Plans, Design My Own House, Design My House

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