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JMKit PlaySets: Back To School
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About This Game.

Welcome to foundation version of the JMKit PlaySets: Back to School game!

The Foundation editions give you the chace to play before the game is officially released, so some areas and features may change but it'll let you get an ealry look..

Explore the first few areas, the (horizontally scrollable) Hallways, the Princpal's Office, the English and Science Class rooms, new locations will be released soon, as well as updates to the locations already in this version.. Plus check the updates below:

1.8 brings clothing options for Dex, Flake and Bleu!

1.7 brings clothing options for Trott, Lumi and Chloe!

1.6 update now includes The start of clothing being added back into the New PlaySets!
JinxBunny, MinxBunny, and Debra now have the option of a school uniform or a blank bodysuit, with a variety of colours to customise the look. - more clothing updates to follow!

1.5 update now includes the Pool and Computer rooms

1.4 update now includes the Maths and Art class rooms and some updates in other rooms

1.3 update now includes the Canteen and the Gym

1.2 update now includes the front of the school area, and some bug fixes

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